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12 September 2016 News

Helllo reader of these words,

Here is your Captain with NoNamE speaking:

UPDATE: 10-09-2016 [12.00 UTC] The launch of the RADIOstation was almost perfect. Some communication problems were solved on the fly. The launch of the digital spaceship was made in a save testing mode and 1/3 of the main CARGO. Both external WD Rockets are used and were in manual mode BAD organized, Also some strange black-outs surfaced. After a 4,5 hours introduction show of DJ Evert in manual mode. I started my AUTO fly mode with a part of the main cargo. This test was perfect as always. 😉  So it is time to make an replacement and upgrade. Let’s turn this musical spaceship in FULL mode…..

UPDATE: 11-09-2016 [12.00 UTC] After a first trip of 24 hours it is time to prepair the main cargo room for full flight mode. Both WD Rockets will be used as cargo and send back to earth. With speeds of 50-100MB/sec they are fast, but like to sleep!! This could be the cause from the black-outs. To make a FULL upgrade possible all communication with the spaceship MUST be stopped. Ground control has taken over the stream.

UPDATE:11-09-2016 [13.00 UTC] The spaceship is complete on it’s own and all communication lines are used for the upcoming upgrade. On Earth “the Buffalo” is prepaired for launch. With 3 WD rockets and speeds of 1GB/sec they are the right spirit for the upcoming events. Around 14.00 UTC “the Buffalo” docked at the musical spaceship. It’s cargo is completely new born clean. A software upgrade started to reveal it’s contents and it will take time to organize it all.

UPDATE 11-09-2016 [23.42 UTC] These words are written. Both WD Rockets will be disconnected and send back to Earth. All systems will be restarted, Some last database updates need to be made. And all direct communications will be started up again.

UPGRADE 12-09-2016 [00.00 UTC] A New Day – New Rockets – A small main cargo – But ON AIR again!!!

NEWS: Every day in the upcoming week 2 RADIOshows will be launched. 1 Daily Show and 1 Evening Show [TRAVELLERsounds]

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Keep on Rockin’ and Flyin’



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