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18 September 2016 News

Hello friends on earth,

Here is your Captain with NoNamE speaking:

UPDATE: 18-09-2016 [21.00 UTC] The last few days of the flight of this musical spaceship are like a small crash landing. We are very sorry to announce that the main part of the engine is “blocked” by their manufacture. Most likely this is a technical failure which has developed during the first test weeks which were a disaster. But we are happy to tell, as you can hear (our auto pilot has taken over!!… sorry about the words I said that he is stupid, he is…) we are still flyin’ and making the BEST out of the worst. So I give you our 1 & only DJ EVERT (not really, that would be to much!!) I give him the time to write down some cryptic words about the past and future:

Dear music friends,

As DJ on this musical spaceship I am responsible for most of the things you hear, and to make the story complete, as webdesigner and graphics pionier I am also responsible for most of what you see. So please don’t kill me or hug me when things go wrong or right. This voyage has just started. Our capt.NoNamE does great things and many musical miles are taken. So let;s start with the positive:

  • Monday evening we had a great and sunny reggae radio. Outside 30C inside 80Db.
  • Tuesday evening our DJ was at his best. Starting with riding Country until the depth of the Blues.
  • SPACEsounds made it;s full Debut on The Sounds of Earth. This one is and will be special.
  • Wednesday evening. Our DJ boosts the station with 2 hours of his personal requests. Sorry, for all who were blasted away….
  • Thursday evening were the start of our existing small BIG break down. Unexpected our messenger boys of ZIGGO had their so called “make everything better and nothing works” night.
  • Friday evening when we tried to start the main broadcast software it told us that it couldn’t be activated. A quick message to the developer was answered by a friendly machine it was weekend…. Thanx didn’t know that… So we have to wait till monday to hear what has happened. But for sure it will be solved and so we started some major clean up for speed and most important in the upcoming days all our shows will be launched.
  • Something NEW and BETTER and FASTER and ……. is cominp up…..

From the start building my own radiostation wasn’t easy. But I have and had in mind what it should look like and hear like. The best has yet to come..

With kind greetings,

DJ Evert

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